Kat Kruger


The Magdeburg Trilogy

The Night Is Found by Kat Kruger

A superb series from start to finish that, like the best musical mashups, takes something old (werewolf mythology) and makes something completely fresh out of its source material.” — Charles de Lint, award-winning author of The Newford series

****/4 stars. Highly recommended. “The story is also an action-packed adventure with romantic overtones, a coming-of-age theme and some teenage angst thrown in for good measure. Kruger juggles all of these stylistic balls very well, and the result is a young adult novel which will have wide appeal.” — CM Magazine

“Kruger has written [werewolves] so well that it should become canon. I’m already looking forward to the next in what I hope will be a long lasting series.” — Tiffany Morris, Paper Droids

“Kruger’s werewolf saga is a fast-paced science-fantasy mashup, a welcome and refreshing addition to the genre.” — Robert Paul Weston, author of Dust City

The author deftly keeps all the furballs in the air. Incorporating elements of myth and religion, history and modern science, Kruger’s action-packed thriller is a smart examination of teenaged alienation and rebellion, with fully fleshed out characters and just enough kitsch to appeal to a wide variety of readers.” — Quill & Quire

“It is a tribute to Kruger that once readers enter this mysterious world it becomes absolutely believable in its own paranormal way.” — CM Magazine

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